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The rich regional and cultural diversity of Italy is introduced with a travel component during this 4-week summer program at Florence University of the Arts. The first week offers a specialized research trip beginning in the Italian capital of Rome and continues with cultural gems in Tuscany such as Maremma and Versilia. Students are guided by a dedicated faculty member to discover the local cultures, economies, histories, and societies in destinations specially chosen for travel research. The following three weeks continue the cultural introduction component through regular coursework at the FUA campuses in Florence, Italy. 

There are 4 session options* for Summer 2013:

May 5 - June 1

May 26 - June 22

June 16 - July 13

July 7 - August 3

*The above dates indicate arrival in Italy and housing check out.

Option for additional coursework in Florence:

Any 3-credit courses from the FUA general summer schedule may be combined to this program during the regular 3 weeks of study in Florence.

For credit loads and more detailed program information, download the program brochure

For information on all FUA Summer 2013 regular sessions and special programs, download the Summer 2013 brochure.



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