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FUA Professors On Healthy Living Today

Professors Giacobassi and Gori share their perspectives on nutrition in the sport industry and the mediterranean lifestyle...Read More


Apicius Receives First WACS recognition in Italy

WACS recognizes Apicius as the first Italian school of hospitality for culinary excellence...Read More


TuttoToscana 2014 Santa Cristina Scholarship

Scholarship fund for the October 2014 TuttoToscana program is open for application...Read More


Apicius 10th Anniversary at JBF

This special occasion will feature a special evening for Apicius alumni in the lineup of TuttoToscana NYC events in October 2014...Read More


Faculty Experiment with Leavening Techniques

Apicius faculty recently participated in a professional development seminar on leavening techniques...Read More


Cross-Campus News

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