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New Career Programs in Florence


Start your career path in Florence, Italy! Florence University of the Arts is offering a shorter and more intensive solution to students or graduated individuals seeking training for specific industries and careers. The new format offers considerable advantages such as accelerated learning and the flexibility of program enhancement options. Each certificate level consists of 10-11 weeks and certification is offered for the completion of 2 levels, meaning that by dedicating approximately 20 weeks out of a year you can complete a full program! If you are on a break from work or seeking to move into a new industry, the timing can be extremely beneficial in gaining new capacities in current times that require rapidity and adaptability.

Program Structure

Career Programs are divided according to levels. Students will complete each level in approximately 10 weeks (the number of weeks may vary according to the Academic Calendar). At least 2 levels are required for certification. Programs may be attended for only one level as a study abroad experience, at the end of which is issued to the student a transcript for coursework completed. 

The core education of each level consists of 5 courses (15 credits). Core courses are mandatory and fundamental for each career program. Offered in Sessions A – B – C, each session lasts for 3 weeks with courses held Monday through Friday.

Optional Program Components offered when regular courses are not in session include internships to non-beginning levels, Italian language during the January or September intersessions, and 15 hour specialized seminars during Intersession Weeks.

Financial Approved for US Students!

Assistance has been approved for US students seeking financial aid. For career program students seeking financial aid through a third party, FUA is pleased to announce that financial aid certification can be provided through our School of Record, University of South Florida (USF).

Enroll today and accelerate your future career path: For further information please visit the Career Programs Area of the FUA Website. Enrollment information and tuition costs can be consulted in our Admissions Form.


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