Apicius - International School of Hospitality


Apicius is a participating institution of the James Beard Foundation Scholarship Program. Scholarships for the 2013-2014 academic year are open for application starting this April. The Beard Foundation upholds culinary education as one of its primary goals for outreach and the legacy of Mr. Beard seeks to sustain the new voices and talents of the culinary scene.

The scholarship amounts to $3,000USD that can be applied to one level of the Culinary Arts or Baking & Pastry career programs at Apicius. The single level may be any level within the program sequence (i.e., an advanced level if approved).

For information on scholarship regulations, how to apply, and further details, please visit the scholarship site.

The application process is scheduled to be available April 1.

The submission deadline for applications is May 15.

Scholarship winners who apply for study at Apicius must enroll individually and not through third party providers.

For further information on Career Programs, see the Perspective Students area of the Apicius website.

This scholarship is managed by Scholarship American in cooperation with the James Beard Foundation. Scholarship studies are held at the Apicius campus in Florence, Italy. Apicius is the hospitality division of Florence University of the Arts, which offers several of its own scholarship opportunities as outlined in the scholarship area of the institution's website.


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