Apicius - International School of Hospitality

Celebrating 15 Years of Hospitality Excellence

2012 marks the 15th anniversary of Apicius, the very first academic entity of Palazzi. President Gabriella Ganugi opened Apicius' culinary courses to the public with an initial group of 60 students. This culinary core grew into the departments of baking and pastry, wine studies, hospitality, food culture and food communication. Apicius has paved the way for subsequent academics grouped under FUA Florence University of the Arts by creating a cultural context of exploration through integration within the local territory, a mission that has been applied to all departments from design-based departments such as fashion and architecture to the humanities.

The first academic entity of the Palazzi consortium to implement an experiential learning structure offering services to the public, such as Ganzo and subsequently Fedora, Apicius exemplifies how a hands-on approach to learning and sharing gained knowledge through interaction with the community is practiced. The gradual growth and investment in facilities and academic development have resulted in the only international, hospitality institution of its kind in Italy. 

Today, Apicius faculty boasts members from diverse professional and academic backgrounds including Michelin-starred chefs. The institution also participates in international culinary competitions and students and faculty are involved yearly in high profile events such as at the James Beard Foundation. Apicius graduates are spreading their knowledge and expanded culture throughout the world by opening their own restaurants, joining the wine industry, appearing on television shows and becoming active in sustainable initiatives in hospitality. Thanks to our student body, institution staff and faculty, Apicius has reached its 15th year of educating the hospitality professionals of today will continue to further impact the industry of the future.

Timeline: 15 Years of Apicius

1996 - The first edition of The Four Seasons of the Tuscan Table is published, to be reprinted in 2003.

1997 - Apicius offers its first culinary courses to the public and international students.

1999- First professional programs (culinary, hospitality and wine) are offered on a yearly basis.

2002 - The via Guelfa 85 campus and professional facilities opens its doors and the first professional wine program is offered.

2003 - The first professional pastry program is initiated.

2002-2004 - The first institutional affiliations are established with Robert Morris University, Washington State University and Eastern Illinois University.

2003 - The first first Apicius cookbook Teaching Traditions is published with the first edition of the food communication program, which turns into a food concentration within the 1-year  FUA program in publishing.

2005 - Apicius opens the San Gallo 45r campus where the first hospitality studies are held and professional hospitality programs are expanded. The hospitality department is currently housed in Corso Tintori 21 and the San Gallo campus houses the Fine Arts department and artist in residency program F_AIR.

2005 - Apicius hosts its first Florence-themed dinner at the James Beard Foundation in NYC.

2008 - Ganzo, the cultural association and student/faculty operated restaurant of Apicius is inaugurated.

2012 - Fedora, the cultural association and student/faculty operated pastry shop of Apicius is inaugurated.




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