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Apicius Faculty Profile

What is your coordinating role at Apicius? What does the role entail? What course(s) are you currently teaching this semester?

My role as head Culinary Arts instructor implicates the goal to achieve harmony while respecting the autonomy of every individual, by making their differences valuable.

This semester, I am teaching Introduction to Professional Cooking, Italian Regional Cuisine and Breads of Italy to the beginning students in Culinary Arts

How did your involvement in cuisine begin?

After an unusual course of training I started to work in restaurants, as pastry chef in the beginning, then as a chef. After a short while, I began to also teach cooking in different contexts.

What can you tell us about the faculty in your department?

The Chefs in our Culinary Arts Department offer our students the possibility to experience Italian cuisine from the tradition aspects to a modern point of view and well beyond. Our faculty gives a detailed perspective of Italian cuisine that starts from regional and popular cooking, then moves into professional aspects, molecular cuisine and innovative techniques.

What does the local restaurant scene and culinary culture offer to students from the Culinary Arts department?

While in Florence, students have the chance to enjoy eating everything, from street food to gourmet cuisine in the most fancy restaurants. Furthermore, they  also learn the importance of the Florentine historical markets that offer typical and seasonal products, which is a fundamental part of the local food culture. The school always puts special attention in teaching how to recognize the best products and in suggesting places where you can taste the authentic Italian cuisine.

What is your personal vision of Italian cuisine? Recipes you never tire of?

It is an extremely complex topic that should be broadly approached. More than anything, I'm enthusiastic about the current trend that goes towards the protection of products, quality and sustainability.


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