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sQuola Conference Proceedings E-Book Released

Upon the successful conclusion of the 2012 FUA/SUNY Stony Brook conference dedicated to the concept of contemporary exploration and hosted at sQuola, the Palazzi campus press Ingorda per Florence Campus Editore has released the e-book of the complete conference proceedings. 

The e-publication features academic papers authored by the presenters of the 8 panels featured during the 2-day conference held on November 8 and 9, 2012. Panel topics included views and perspectives shared between Florence and the US, the legacy of Vespucci in the modern age, the evolution of travel, and topics pertaining to cultural innovation and intercultural aspects. The student panel that took place is also represented in the publication. 

The conference proceedings not only represent the diversity of topics emerging from the concept of exploration but also of the voices behind the topics. The papers are authored by academics, writers, and professionals from various industries representing both the US and Italy. 

The conference e-book may be downloaded

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