Apicius - International School of Hospitality

schools and departments

The following schools and departments are grouped under the academic offering of Apicius:

School of Food and Wine Studies
Baking and Pastry (BP)
Culinary Arts (CA)
Wine and Culture (WC) & Wine Expertise (WE)
Dietetics and Nutrition (DN)
Food and Culture (FC)
Food, Family and Consumer Sciences (FS)
Food Communications and PublisHing (FC)

School of Hospitality
Department of Hospitality and Tourism (HT)
Department of Restaurant Food and Beverage Management (FB)
Department of Hotel and Lodging Management (Hl)

School of Sports and Health Sciences
Department of Physical Education and Physical Therapy (PP)
Department of Sport Sciences (SS)

School of Graduate Studies
Endicott Master in Organizational Management


schools and departments

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