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In the face of growing development and interest towards professional services in tourism and hospitality, Apicius International School of Hospitality in Florence, Italy, has taken on the challenge of structuring a dynamic academic institution for individuals desiring the professional training necessary to enter these fields.

The increasing crossover of technological, multimedia, and communicational aspects with the ancient practices of cuisine and tourism calls for experts possessing keen knowledge grounded in tradition and well-honed skills combined with the ability to adapt to the changing fluxes of the present day. Combining passionate faculty, an intercultural student body, a broad curriculum, and state of the art facilities, Apicius represents this bold objective in a historic Italian cityscape positioned on the international level.

Career Programs are divided according to levels. Students will complete each level in approximately 10 weeks (the number of weeks may vary according to the Academic Calendar). At least 2 levels are required for certification (levels I and II or III and IV). The granting of formal final certification is conditional on the successful completion of all program academic requirements. Programs may be attended for only one level as a study abroad experience, at the end of which is issued to the student a transcript for coursework completed. Each level offers 5 core courses and the option of adding specialized options such as Italian language, seminars, and internships. 

For detailed information on program structure, options, and admissions, please consult the Career Programs Area of the FUA website.


Baking and Pastry
Culinary Arts
Hospitality Management
Wine Studies and Enology


Culinary Arts
Hospitality Management


Master in Italian Cuisine: a yearlong certificate (Sep-May) and includes a required internship experience integrated to the program structure.

Master in International Baking and Pastry: a semester-long certificate (Sept-Dec) and includes a required internship experience integrated to the program structure.


TuttoToscana: a special event management program that takes place in Florence in the Fall and concludes with a practicum week of special events in NYC including the James Beard Foundation.

Graduate Experiential Learning in Hospitality: a summer graduate program open to culinary and hospitality graduates as well as practicing professionals.


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career programs

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