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Publish a Recipe, Fight Against Hunger!


Starting this semester, the Student Life and Development Dept. is offering students a very unique opportunity to participate in a special project in coordination with UNICEF and YOUNICEF, the Italian youth branch of UNICEF. The project aims to create a children’s multicultural cookbook which will include recipes from around the world, and be sold to help combat child hunger. By using this UNICEF cookbook, children will be able to learn about different cultures through their food, while also learning about the realities of child hunger and what they can do to help. 

Submit your recipe and become a part of a cookbook project that will help others:

Recipes should preferably be from international countries. Do not miss this opportunity to help change the world and to share a part of your culture!

So contribute your favorite childhood dishes, dig through those old family recipes, call older relatives and grandparents and ask them to share their recipes for this great cause.

Please make all recipe submissions to Olimpia Bozza at obozza@palazziflorence.com.

Submissions are accepted on a rolling basing until Summer 2013.





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