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La Bambina Che Contava Le Formiche, Meditazioni in Cucina


2012 not only commemorates the 15th anniversary of Apicius, this Fall also welcomes the publication of La Bambina Che Contava Le Formiche, Meditazioni in Cucina, by Palazzi founder and President, Gabriella Ganugi. This inspirational memoir, enhanced with recipes that she has collected over the years, is a reflection on the pits and triumphs of her life, and most prominently, the shift in her career with the birth of Apicus. Proceeds from the book will go towards a scholarship at Apicius. This scholarship will be specifically awarded to female students to assist them achieve their dreams. Gabriella was interviewed this year by the Italian dessert magazine Dolci Tentazioni and presented her book at a series of presentations including Feltrinelli Bookstore, Palazzo Vecchio, Ganzo, and the municipality of Pontassieve. For more information please see Gabriella's website


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