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Learning experiences go beyond simulation and combine two countries and their respective cultures, all in front of a real public. The 2012 edition of TuttoToscana program is offering a new program feature. The Florence/NYC program has added a new event component, in order to offer students the experience of managing and producing institutional, commercial and academic events of gastronomy.

TuttoToscana is an academic program that lasts for 3 weeks in Florence, Italy, and transfer to NYC for a week of real life events at prestigious locations. Students specialize in their choice of 5 available areas - event management, art direction, food & wine management, food production and wine service. In NYC, the team of students and faculty fully produce and provide digital media coverage of events intended to showcase contemporary Tuscan cuisine for the US public.

Event locations for 2012 include the James Beard Foundation, De Gustibus at Macy's in Herald Square and Queen's College CUNY.


A new scholarship has just been announced for the TuttoToscana Fall 2012 program. Santa Cristina, a Tuscan winery owned by the Antinori group, is a member of the Apicius Friends iniative of the Apicius wine department. Read the story for further information and application criteria. 


Dates for 2012:

Students arrive - Thurs September 27

Orientation/Final Registration - Fri September 28

Florence classes start - Mon October 1

Classes end in Florence - Thurs Oct 18

Students arrive in NY - between Fri Oct 19 and Sat Oct 20

Orientation in NYC - Sun Oct 22

Classes & Events in NYC - Sun Oct 22 through Sat Oct 27

On-line Post event Course Critique - Presentation of ideas for Final Papers/Portfolios

Thurs/Fri Nov 1 and 2 - Individual Video Conferences/Final Exams


NYC-only options available. For further information, brochure and application form, please consult the program page.

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