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The light of Tuscany holds a particular spell over artists and travelers, with its rarefied quality and how it strikes the varied landscapes whether in cities or in the rolling countryside. This 6 credit program offered by Florence University of the Arts is designed to explore the unique light and its effect on the architecture and landscapes of Tuscany. Students and Program leaders travel together as a community of scholars - 24 hours a day, seven days a week, for one week of on- site shooting in Tuscany and then work closely on a daily basis in Florence for another session (three weeks). While traveling, students will be attending daily classes on mornings and work on group and specific individual assignments on afternoons.

2013 Dates:
May 26 arrival to June 22 checkout

Program Structure:

1 week of travel research in Tuscany
3 weeks of a photography course focusing on the light of Florence and Tuscany

For credit loads and more detailed program information, download the program brochure.

For information on all FUA Summer 2013 regular sessions and special programs, download the Summer 2013 brochure.


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