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Florence University of the Arts opens up the world of Florentine craftsmanship and artisans to students through the highlight summer program Florence Open City. This program integrates students within the unique culture of local artisanal arts and craftsmanship in Florence. Each session takes place during the regular 3-week summer sessions and offers an academic, hands-on experience alongside Florence’s artisans, in their botteghe and laboratories. The program concept seeks to unveil the vivacity and vibrancy of Florence’s contemporary activities as opposed to the touristic view of the city as one giant museum.

The hosting botteghe and laboratories represent all arts involving work by hand, craftsmanship, and creativity. Examples include food and wine producers/purveyors, woodworkers, marble artists, art restoration specialists, gilders, papermakers, binders, goldsmiths, painters, sculptors, fashion designers, textile producers, shoemakers, accessory makers, photographers, videomakers, studios for design, architecture, and visual communication.

Please download the summer 2013 program brochure for dates and further details.

For information on all FUA Summer 2013 regular sessions and special programs, download the Summer 2013 brochure.

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