Apicius - International School of Hospitality


Ganzo, the cultural association, restaurant and gallery run Apicius students and faculty offers a rich calendar of gastronomic events throughout each academic session. 

GanzoTea on the first Tuesday of every month, in collaboration with Tealicious. 

Wednesday Aperiganzo. Certain Wednesdays feature AperiArt with exhibitions and AperiCharity to raise funs for special causes.

Thursday themed dinners featuring Apicius faculty and guest chefs.

The Apicius Wine Department offers 6 Wine Club seminars for tastings and lectures held by wine producers as well as Wine Corner Wednesdays during the Ganzo Aperitivo where department students educate the public on wine culture.

Saturday brunches are offered regularly. 

To find out more about specific dates and times, please consult the Ganzo Event Calendar below.


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